Travel and Accommodation

Getting to Jerusalem

Flying to Israel

The closest airport to Jerusalem is the Ben-Gurion International Airport (TLV), situated approximately an hour’s ride from the city.

From the airport, the most convenient way to get anywhere in Jerusalem is through the “Nesher” Service Taxis to Jerusalem. These taxis operate 24/7 and depart from the service post on Level G, next to Gates 01-03. There are signs directing to the post.
The taxi will drop you off at any address you give the driver. There is no need to reserve a ride in advance on the Airport-Jerusalem route. On the Jerusalem-Airport route you must reserve a place a day or two in advance.
Telephone: +972-2-6257227

Any taxi will make a special ride to and from the airport, but these rides are bound to be more expensive.

There is a cheaper taxi service (160-200 ILS, depending on the destination in Jerusalem), but you must call to order once you have landed. Telephone: +972-2-5000787.

Public transportation to the city

Buses from across Israel reach Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station, from which public transportation within the city is easily accessible (the light rail as well as inner-city buses). Please consult the public transportation website for timetables and operating lines.

Jerusalem may be reached by train from Tel Aviv. Please consult the railway website for timetables. You should expect a beautiful and extremely slow ride since this is the historical railway built during the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Please also note that the train station is located in a remote part of Jerusalem, from which you will probably need to take a taxi to any destination in the city.

Please note that public transportation is extremely limited on the Sabbath in Israel, from approximately 16:00 on Friday until 20:00 on Saturday. Rates of taxis and other transportation methods are bound to be higher during this time.


Conference attendees are welcome to stay in one of the three Atlas hotels in Jerusalem at a special rate (670 ILS per night + VAT for Israeli passport holders, subject to availability at the time of reservation). For reservations please fill in the attached form [Hotel Registration] and email it to one of the addresses at the top of the document.

Alternatively, there are several rooms available at St Andrew’s, from July 3rd onward, at a rate of 135-170 USD.

Attendees who would like to stay near the conference venue (but far from the city center) are welcome to check out the guest house at the Maiersdorf Faculty Club, which offers several modest rooms.

The conference will take place at the Barbara Mandel Auditorium, Mount Scopus, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Directions for how to reach the conference venue can be found in the Location section.