Day 1: 3 July 2017

9:00-09:45              Registration and coffee

09:45-10:00           Greetings

10:00-12:00            Language Change (Chair: Mira Ariel)

  1. Hebrew hevi’s path towards ‘give’: usage-based all the way
    Roey Gafter (Ben Gurion University of the Negev), Scott Spicer (Tel Aviv University) & Mira Ariel (Tel Aviv University)
  2. The road to auxiliariness: a usage-based diachronic account
    Malte Rosemeyer (KU Leuven) & Eitan Grossman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  3. Differential Recipient Marking in Romance languages: a diachronic typology and its cross-linguistic implications
    Hagay Schurr (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  4. The on-line emergence of syntactically unintegrated post-positioned she- (‘that/which/who’) clauses in casual spoken Hebrew talk
    Yael Maschler (University of Haifa)

12:00-13:30            Lunch

13:30-15:30          Intersubjectivity (Chair: Yael Maschler)

  1. The origins of a desiderative construction from indexing a first person perspective in reported speech
    Linda Konnerth (Hebrew University of Jerusalem & University of Oregon)
  2. Empathy and the wandering 1 and 2 person pronouns in Anal (Tibeto-Burman, Manipur)
    Pavel Ozerov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  3. Non-canonical hortative constructions in Hebrew and Russian
    Danny Kalev (Tel Aviv University), Larisa Leisiö & Jiri Kuittinen (University of Eastern Finland)
  4. Discourse markers in speech and writing: Egyptian Arabic yaʕni (‘it means’) as case study
    Michal Marmorstein (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

15:30-16:00            Coffee break

16:00-17:00            Plenary 1: The asymmetric priming hypothesis revisited
                                  Martin Hilpert (University of Neuchâtel)

17:00-18:00            Poster session + Reception

19:00-23:59           Tour and drinks in Shuk Mahane Yehuda (Jerusalem’s market)

 Day 2: 4 July 2017

9:30-10:30             Plenary 2: Conceptual structure and information theory in the noun phrase
                                 Jennifer Culbertson (University of Edinburgh)

10:30-11:00           Coffee break

11:30-13:30           Language Learning and Structure (Chair: Dorit Ravid)

  1. Word order biases in adults and children: A silent gesture experiment
    Maša Vujović, Gabriella Vigliocco & Elizabeth Wonnacott (University College London)
  2. Socioeconomic status differences in structural features of child-directed speech
    Shira Tal & Inbal Arnon (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  3. Differences between children and adults in the emergence of linguistic structure
    Limor Raviv (Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics) & Inbal Arnon (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  4. Subjects and prepositions in acquisition: The emergence of Preferred Argument Structure
    Elitzur Dattner (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Liron Elbaz, Chen Tocker & Dorit Ravid (Tel Aviv University)

13:30-15:00           Lunch

15:00-16:30           Language Processing (Chair: Bracha Nir)

  1. Usage-based variation in prediction based processing
    Véronique Verhagen & Maria Mos (Tilburg University)
  2. Processing typology and cross-linguistic variation in NP structure: An assessment of Hawkins’ efficiency predictions
    Karsten Schmidtke-Bode (Leipzig University)
  3. How does the body construct linguistic complexity?
    Svetlana Dachkovsky, Rose Stamp & Wendy Sandler (University of Haifa)

16:30-17:30           Poster session

19:00-23:59           Conference dinner at Pasha’s Restaurant in Sheikh Jarrah

Day 3: 5 July 2017

9:30-10:30             Plenary 3: Usage-based perspectives on form-function relations: Nonfinite verbs in Hebrew
                                 Ruth Berman (Tel Aviv University)

10:30-11:00           Coffee break

11:00-13:00            Typology + Language Contact (Chair: Eitan Grossman)

  1. A quantified notion of salience and its effect on contact-induced language change
    Eileen Waegemaekers & Umberto Ansaldo (University of Hong Kong)
  2. Thematic inflections in Navajo and Ket
    Lukas Denk (University of New Mexico)
  3. Variation of the conditional marker in Võro
    Helen Plado (University of Tartu, Võro Institute)
  4. Co-expression patterns of nominal predication domains in Indo-Iranian
    Shahar Shirtz (University of Oregon)

13:00-14:30           Lunch

14:30-15:30 Round table on the acquisition of verbal morphology in Hebrew

  1. Distributional, structural and semantic facets of verb acquisition and development in Hebrew
    Dorit Ravid (Tel Aviv University)
  2. The emergence of the core verb lexicon in input to children and child speech
    Orit Ashkenazi, Ronit Levie, Galit Ben-Zadok & Dorit Ravid (Tel Aviv University)
  3. SES differences in the consolidation of the verb lexicon in peer talk across childhood
    Ronit Levie, Hadas Hochman, Shirley Eitan & Dorit Ravid (Tel Aviv University)
  4. The literate verb lexicon in written text production across later language development
    Efrat Raz, Liat Hershkovitz, Ronit Levie & Dorit Ravid (Tel Aviv University)


17:00-19:00           Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem

  • Please note that this program is subject to change.